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Power of Colour

nic sims

Colour strongly influences a viewers mood, feelings, associations and choices, invoking a psychological reaction or inspiring people to take action.  When the right colour is harnessed to help tell a clients story, it can have a powerful outcome within an interior. Everyone is different in their response to colours.  People feel differently in their reaction to colours based on their own personal experiences, cultural heritage, their own disposition or age, and their circumstances in life.  As a designer, it is important to respect our clients responses to and feelings about colour, and work with them to create designs that are...

LUUM - As seen in Planted Magazine, by Adore Magazine ;)

nic sims

LUUM - As seen in Planted Magazine, by Adore Magazine ;)

We recently had our home balcony-terrace photographed for Planted - a new spin-off magazine, showcasing the latest in plant-related products and trends, and ideas for stylish, urban outdoor spaces.  Grab your copy for a glimpse into our world - how we've made our outdoor space feel like an extension of our living zone, and catch a glimpse of the Melbourne skyline view that we're lucky enough to be able to enjoy from our inner-north home. Planted magazine is not just about plants – it’s about how we live inside and out, with greenery enhancing our everyday lives.  It showcases the very best...

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Pantones Colours of 2016

At the end of 2015, Pantone changed up its Color of the Year tradition with not one, but two hues for 2016: Rose Quartz, a sophisticated pale pink, and Serenity, a delicate light blue.    This calming duo is Pantone’s response to the increasing stress of modern life — an encouragement to slow down and soften, but also an acknowledgment of changes in our society. These shades traditionally symbolize masculinity and femininity, but in a changing landscape of traditions and identity, Pantone urges us to find new meaning.While these shades are most reminiscent of springtime flower buds and sweet sundresses,...

Dulux Colour Forecast 2016 - It's out!

For any colour-loving interiors addict like myself, it's exciting when big players like Dulux announce their forecast for what colours we're all likely to be surrounding ourselves with in the year to come - and it looks like we're set for some vibrant times!  Using colour combinations that both surprise and excite, Bree Leech with Andrea Lucena-Orr must have really had some fun putting these together, and with the help of the fabulous Heather Nette King they've created some gorgeous imagery that offer real inspiration for interior and decor designers.   Click on the link below to take a look... you might...