Power of Colour

nic sims

Colour strongly influences a viewers mood, feelings, associations and choices, invoking a psychological reaction or inspiring people to take action.  When the right colour is harnessed to help tell a clients story, it can have a powerful outcome within an interior.

Everyone is different in their response to colours.  People feel differently in their reaction to colours based on their own personal experiences, cultural heritage, their own disposition or age, and their circumstances in life.  As a designer, it is important to respect our clients responses to and feelings about colour, and work with them to create designs that are pleasing and effective for the task in hand.  

There are endless debates around colour as the response anyone has to colour can stem from personal colour association, colour symbolism or colour psychology or a combination of any of these three, as well as personal opinion, tastes and feelings.  

COLOUR ASSOCIATION // This is also known as personal colour preference and is based on a person’s personal experience where there is an association, a connection with a colour and an event. Often the event or the context is forgotten, however when you see the colour it will trigger how you felt. Only when you are able to disassociate the event or the context from the colour will you be able to use the colour with a logical rationale.

COLOUR SYMBOLISM // Colour symbolism is the conscious associations we are conditioned to make on the use of colour and is often based on cultural beliefs and upbringing. Colour symbolism is not a fad or trend; the colour/s are deeply imbedded within a culture. It is generally not the result of a spontaneous psychological response but more a learned connection bound by time and place with cultural associations often significantly influencing colour choices.

COLOUR PSYCHOLOGY // Whilst colour symbolism is a conditioned conscious association to colour, the psychology of any particular colour is largely unconscious.  And whilst the psychological meaning of any given colour universally holds true, cultural associations may significantly influence colour choices.

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