Earlier this year when we moved into our newly built house on the fringe of Melbourne, I found myself surrounded by more white wall space than I'd ever been used to and had a real need to fill it withu00a0bold colour and strongu00a0shapes to bring a sense of harmony to our home - and so I began producing digital art prints whenever the kids allowed me any down time. u00a0After much positive feedback from friends and visitors, I decided to take my digital art to the world under the brand name Luum.

I grew up in the South-East of Englandu00a0where my passion had always been to paint, usually in oils, and more often than not involving big brushes and an oversized canvas. u00a0My painting style is quite loose - inu00a0contrast to my digital artworks - but never short of colour. u00a0 As a teenager Iu00a0felt my destinyu00a0lay in the world of the arts, but as I grew older my drive to have a more easily defined 'career' took over and I made the decisionu00a0to study 3D Computer Animation over Fine Arts. u00a0I don't completely regret that decision - I went on to be the founder ofu00a0what has become au00a0very successful children's animation company beforeu00a0meeting with my real destiny and making the decision to move to the other side of the world with him.

Since moving to Melbourne, I've become captured by the world of design which has reignited my sense of being an artist and fuelled anu00a0urge to create. u00a0Havingu00a0crossed paths with a number ofu00a0fabricators from various industries I've learnt enough to understand the fundamentals of the more practical aspects of design. u00a0I'm also fortunate enough to be the partner of a talented builder and have had opportunities to renovate and design the interiors ofu00a0our various homes over the last 5 years or so, which has led to us having a number of bespoke furniture and features through our home. u00a0It has only ever been a matter of time beforeu00a0bringingu00a0more structure to my vocation as a 'design-hobbyist', and it is through Luum that I feel a sense of going back to my roots and reconnecting with my inner artist. u00a0u00a0