Interior Design

The benefits of using a professional interior design service are many - you receive considered, qualified advice in order to achieve your design goals with access to a wider selection of premium materials, finishes and furnishings than may be readily available to the average consumer.   Interior design often pays for itself through access to trade pricing and provides you with a feeling of confidence in the investment you are making in your home.

I offer a range of interior design services from virtual design (e-design), colour consultation, concept design, finishes and furniture specification, to a full, all-inclusive service. 

The most common dilemma is often associated with colour and finding the confidence to use it. I can help you through the process by offering a colour consultation service, specifying paint colours, and providing an application guide.

E-Colour Consultation @ $140 (inc GST)

You will be emailed a brief questionnaire and asked for the details, and photos if available, of the space you are decorating/re-decorating.  I will then provide you with a tailored colour palette, providing details of my recommendation for a suitable paint company, paint type and colour details.  I will also supply a paint schedule, detailing where each colour should be applied within your space.  Click here to purchase this service.

Concept board  @ $120 (inc GST)

Production of a concept board is a supporting service to our colour consultation for those who would like to see a representation of the colour concept as applied to their space.  We generally create one concept board per room and would supply this as a digital PDF file, or will deliver the original hard copy (usually on A3 textured board and rendered using watercolour and artline pen) for an additional $25. Click here to purchase a concept board.


If you have a single room to decorate, are looking to define a colour palette to suit your home, or need advice on furnishings and finishes to achieve your desired look, it can be as simple as providing some basic information about your space, measurements (if necessary) and answering a brief questionnaire to get the ball rolling.

Due to the nature of virtual design, this service is available to all, both Australia-wide and internationally.  Please email for an indicative cost for your project.



Our full service, all-inclusive design is currently available in Melbourne only, to both residential and commercial clients. This can include concept development, provision of a detailed specification schedule (paint, finishes, fixtures, furnishings, etc, as required), floor plans and technical drawings as necessary, and project management. I have close working relationships with both commercial and domestic building practitioners and can engage all tradespeople as needed. 

All enquiries are welcome,

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